RADIO ELECTRONICA mit einer neuen Sendung im August und einem abwechselungsreichen Line-Up.

00:00 - 58:00 : News-What's hot in the Box

01. Steven Julian - Chantel    Album: Fallen - Apron Rec.
02. Reboot - 12 PM - Album: aLive - Get Physical Rec.
03. Marek Hemmann - Joker - Ablum: Moments - FAT Rec.
04. Hoshina Anniversary -Tough Original Mix - Boysnoize Rec. (Dez. 2015)
05. DJ Deep & Traumer - La Valle La B  (La Spicy Mix) - La Valle La B EP - Rekids Rec.
06. Floorplan - good thang - Album: Victorious - M-Plant Rec.
07. Bjarki - Here It Comes Can You Feel It 92 Hoover 2 - Album: b - Trip Rec.
08. Moby - Feeling So Real - Album: Music from Porcelain -
09. Suff Daddy - Macrowave - Album: Birdsongs - Jakarta Rec.
10. John Roberts - Wade    - Album: Plum - Brunette Editions rec.
11. MLiR - Eat Something Else - Album: Swedish Lo-Life EP - Studio Barnhus Rec.
12. Patchworks - Rock with You (Orchestral Version) - Album: No Stoppin' Dat rocckin' EP - EDR Rec.
13. Leroy Burgess - barely breaking even (opolopo vox rmx) [goove odyssey rec.]
14. Soultage - old school love [magic jam rec.]
15. Kyodai - Moving (Basic Soul Unit Basement Mix) - Album: Local Talk From the Vault: The Rmixes Vol. 2 - Local Talk Rec.
16. Lou Gorbea feat. Koffee - in da ghetto (pablo fierro rmx) [stereo productions rec.] - Album: Balearica 2016 by Chus & Ceballos

58:00-02:24 : Toni Wagner

02:24-03:48 : Julius Herfurth

03:48-4:55 : Maik Grötzschel

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