RE pres. Local Heros

RADIO ELECTRONICA was and is important to support the local scenes and to show how diverse they are. With the mix series "Local Hero" we pick out local artists who we think are worth listening to. In this edition we dedicate ourselves to the East of Germany, because RADIO ELECTRONICA has its roots there and is very connected to this scene.


01. Duktus - LE City Love
"Duktus ist based in Leipzig, Saxonia and and whether it's hip hop, future funk or boogie funk, he's big at what he does. With LE City Love he writes an ode to the Saxon city." 

02. Albert Vogt - Ket Left
"Albert Vogt , based in Erfurt, Thuringia, is one of the most talented vocalist in East Germany and an integral part of the Berlin label "Beste Modus". Among the musicians and producers who rely on his vocal skills are Borrowed Identity, Kevin Over, Demuja, Nick Beringer, Diego Krause, ... A special treat are his live sessions with Naumburg-based producer Mac-Kee.

03. Shuray & Walle - Rare   
"The Leipzig-based DJ duo embodies the pure love of house music not only in their DJ sets, but even more so in their productions."

04. Max Caesar - Habitual House (Original Mix)

"Starting his musical career in Erfurt, Max Caesar now resides in Leipzig and is a core member of Future Fabrik, a forward-looking mixed-media project set to make waves with their digital artist services. Always applying himself fully to the pursuit of classic house sounds, be it 909 drums, slightly detuned string samples or dusty old pianos, the search for a classic but still modern approach to house is the focus of his journey, having released his first tracks with Basement Discos followed by this release at Blur Records."

05. Klinke Auf Cinch - Ur Grace (Original)

"Nobody will ever know if Klinke auf Cinch planned for this, but they did a pretty decent job on their Mission: Perfect Deep House for their new EP. Their stepstones to this glorious release had been several albums & EPs and a great bunch of sweet collaborations, ever reaching higher to greater goals. This time it's Leipzig based singer Jani who's blowing her spirit airs under the wings of the two producers Lutz Hartmann and Clemens Kynast."

06. Flemming Bassedow - Fadin (Original Mix)

"Originally from Konstanz a southern City in Germany at the Bodensee, Flemming Bassedow did not realize his great musical potential until he moved to Jena, where he came for his studies. After several releases on his own label Thermik, he now shows his skills on the renumed label Einmusika."

07. Sarah Wild - Jardin

"Born into a well-known family of musicians in Jena, Sarah moved to Berlin in the meantime, which also made it onto labels like Midnight Operators, Feines Tier and Permanent Vacation made it."

08. Mamoré - Meine Liebe Nicht (Aroma+ Remix)

"The Thuringian Synth Pop Duet MAMORÉ celebrating the rebirth of the Neue Deutsche Welle and this on the upcomming Jena based label AROMA +."

09. Workshop - Willkommen am Ende der Welt

"Just another great release on the Blaq Numbers label with DJ Workshop. He is one of the initiators around the Leipzig project VAYA, which is not only an event series, great radio show on Radio Blau and remarkable podcast series."

10. d.m.s. - Glimmer Land

"Daniel Müller Sachs aka d.m.s. is for years a well known DJ and producer in Jena. And here he comms with another outstanding release on the famous Jena based label Freude am Tanzen Records."

11. Metaboman feat. Large M - Cala

"After 20 years of working and releasing, with this EP Metaboman initiates his new artist driven label WENDE based in Jena, designed to present his personal output - of course not without some of his friends."

12. Monotype - Dreamer (Original)

"Tim aka Monotype is a musician, composer and dj based in a small town near Leipzig in Germany. His productions are very expressive and often have a melancholic character."

13. Ease & Taste - Gimme Dat

"Ease & Taste are a Berlin based producer duo working together since 1993. Ease and Taste consists of "Mad Ease" and "Timmy Taste". Both are producers, arrangers, sound designers and performers. They met in the early nineties, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, years in Dessau."

14. Vivian Koch - Enter

After initiating her interdisciplinary arts collective “Olympe Fatale“ encompassing DJs, musicians, visual artists & graphic designers at the club Kassablanca during her time in Jena, she transfered the project to the club and nightlife scene in Berlin. Since then she

acclaimed an mini album on Don Williams’ revered A.R.T.less records & a club ready 12“ on Miami-via-Berlin label Omnidisc and most recent an album on AD93, Koch became a breakout producer."

15. Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever (Deep Ändi Edit)                              

"Jena based labe Easy Tiger Records is more than an downbeat label. It is collective of like-minded people who seek their strength in music and nature, and reconcile that in their events."